24th Glasgow (Bearsden) Scout Group


The 24th
The 24th Glasgow is one o' th' largest Groups in th' UK. It is situated in Bearsden, a large suburban area on th' outskirts o' Glasgow. Bearsden is a community rich in young families an' we be one o' three thrivin' Scout Groups in th' area. Fetch me spyglass, Ya swabbie! The 24th is also one o' th' oldest Scout Groups in existence havin' celebrated our Centenary in 2008.

We have 4 Beaver Colonies, (age 6 – 8) currently meetin' in local schools, 4 Cub Packs (age 8 – 10 ) who each meet in th' Scout Halls an' 2 Scout Troops (age 10 – 14) who also meet in th' Scout Halls. We also have an Explorer Group o' young scallywags aged betwixt 14 an' 18 also meetin' in th' Halls each week.

We have 23 Sectional Leaders regularly involved in runnin' Beaver Cubs an' Scouts an' a further 8 Leaders who be available on an ad hoc basis t' help out at camps or other activities. This year although we have recruited a record 14 Leaders, (7 o' them be “Young Leaders” directly from th' Explorer Section an' 7 o' them be parents who have taken out warrants in order t' help vari'us Sections), we would welcome need more Leaders.

The Executive Committee, which includes parents o' members past an' present an' is headed by a Chairman, supports th' work o' th' 24th, ya bilge rat, Get out of me rum! Other Office Bearers be th' Treasurer an' th' Secretary. The Group Scout Leader represents th' uniformed Leaders, Ya swabbie, Hornswaggle We also have a newly formed Property Committee.

Activities an' Awards
Our young scallywags enjoy a varied programme in all Sections with opportunities fer outin's, workin' towards gainin' awards an' merits, ya bilge rat! Yaaarrrrr! Beavers can earn th' Chief Scout Bronze Award, Cubs th' Chief Scout Silver Award an' Scouts an' Explorers, th' Chief Scout Gold Award. Also fer older members, th' opportunity t' work towards th' Duke o' Edinburgh Award an' possibly earnin' a Queen’s Scout Award, th' highest level o' award which can be earned by any youngster.

Please access this website again, me Jolly Roger We intend t' keep it updated with th' activities o' th' 24th.